Values guide and support our strategy

Targets indicating our company values

Customer satisfaction

We have the industry’s highest customer satisfaction rate in the Nordic countries, Russia and CIS countries, and the highest satisfaction rate in our core products globally. All our activities are geared to increase customer satisfaction.

Personnel satisfaction

Nokian Tyres is a respected and attractive workplace. Our personnel is highly skilled and motivated. Our activities are characterised by our desire to continuously develop our personal skills as well as the company.

Shareholder satisfaction

We are the most profitable tyre manufacturer and tyre distributor in the industry. Our consistently good performance translates into good share price development and dividend policy.

The best processes in the business

Our key processes and our business network are efficient and represent the cutting edge in the industry. We uphold the principles of the responsible citizen in all of our activities.

Our company culture is called ”Hakkapeliitta Spirit” which includes the following values:

Inventiveness =

We have the skill to survive and excel, even in the most challenging circumstances. Our competence is based on creativity and inquisitiveness, and the nerve to question the status quo. We are driven by a will to learn, develop and create something new.

Entrepreneurship =

We thirst for profit, we are quick and brave. We set ambitious objectives and perform our work with persistence and perseverance. We are dynamic
and punctual, and we always make customer satisfaction our first priority.

Team spirit =

We work in an atmosphere of genuine joy and action. We work as a team, relying on each other and supporting each other, offering constructive feedback when needed. We embrace differences, and we also encourage our team members to individually pursue winning performances.

Nokian Tyres’ success factors

  • Focus on expertise in Northern conditions
  • Own specialised R & D and unique winter testing
  • Focus on replacement markets, growing market areas and product segments
  • Share of value added products more than 90% of own production and sales
  • Production of core products in own state-of-the-art factories
  • Rapidly renewing product range and innovative products
  • Car winter tyre range most extensive in the world
  • Skilled personnel and Hakkapeliitta Spirit
  • Strong reputation, brand and pricing power in core markets
  • Strong, controlled distribution channel in core markets
  • Efficient logistics and season management
  • Direct contact with end users
  • Special know-how in Russian and CIS markets