Season management Ė a major competitive edge

The main markets of Nokian Tyres are served by the Groupís own sales company or a representative with its own sales organisation. Typical customers include regional tyre wholesalers, tyre chains, car dealership chains and, as the latest addition, web shops. Since Nokian-branded tyre sales are of great importance to their business, the dealers are willing and well prepared to support and build the Nokian brand.

Focus on fluent logistics

Nokian Tyres has a strong focus on continuously developing its logistics. The good availability of tyres, as well as fast, accurate deliveries, play an increasing role in dealer customersí supplier choices. Well-functioning logistics also support Nokian Tyresí pricing position on the markets.

The companyís innovative logistics solutions include the integration of order systems with customers, installation and packing lines tailored according to customer wishes, electronic transportation documentation management and utilizing container deliveries as a form of intermediate storage. The company is increasing the number of smaller, regional warehouses to gain a wider customer base, generate new sales and speed up its deliveries.

Competitive edge from strong presence in retail

One of Nokian Tyresí strategic aims is to get closer to the end users of the product. Comprehensive control over the distribution of its products enables the company to efficiently cut costs generated by additional links in the delivery chain, and it also helps to gain a better understanding of the end users and the reasons behind their purchase decisions. A wider distribution network also means greater visibility and a larger number of users recommending the companyís products.

Nokian Tyresí Vianor tyre chain plays an important and growing role in the sales of Nokian-branded tyres, with a considerable part of the Groupís sales handled through Vianor outlets. In addition to expanding the Vianor chain, Nokian Tyres is building the Nokian Tyres Authorized Dealer network in which dealer customers are engaged as committed, goal-oriented retail sellers under an agreement that covers training, marketing co-operation, and additional services. Nokian Tyres provides its dealers with a strong brand and innovative, continuously renewed, first-rate products, whose sales are profitable business for dealers. Enhanced customer service in peak seasons and the use of Vianorís chain for deliveries ensure that dealers get the tyres they need even during the busiest weeks of the season, when demand is at its highest.

Target markets
Nokian Tyres made sales in 67 different countries in 2013. Russia, Finland, Germany, Sweden and Norway combined formed 74% of the manufacturing unitsí total sales.

Sales companies
Finland (parent company), Sweden, Norway, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, USA, Canada and China.

Total 1,206 stores in 27 countries (183 own and 1023 franchising and partner). Nordic and Baltic countries 297, Russia and CIS countries 621, Central and Eastern Europe 238, USA 50 stores.

Nokian Tyres Authorized Dealers
The first 432 stores were contracted in 2013 in Italy, Germany, China, Bulgaria and Ukraine. The goal is to expand to 4Ė5 new countries and to double the amount of NADs in 2014.


The Hakka Guarantee network and other retail partners working closely with Nokian Tyres in Russia comprised nearly 3,300 tyre stores, Vianor shops, car dealers, and web shops. A new retail concept, NTYRE was launched with first 12 shops in Russia.