Focus on customer needs

Our customers’ needs are our top priority: We want to continuously improve our products and services creating a WOW effect.

Everyday contacts, joint development projects, as well as surveys and interviews, keep us in touch with our customers’ desires. Most of their wishes are related to the various phases of our co-operation processes, such as logistics, marketing and product support. Nokian Tyres’ strength lies in its flat organisation and its ability to quickly react to customer needs and changes in the market. We have personal, long-lasting relationships with many of our customers, and the sense of belonging to the Hakkapeliitta family is a strong binding factor.

Retail experts of great value

Consumers often find tyre purchases to be complicated and difficult. According to studies of purchasing behaviour, retailers play a crucial role in the process. It is important to both tyre manufacturers and consumers alike that the sales people are professional, know their products well, and are capable of helping consumers to select the right product for their needs. In addition to training events and personal guidance, Nokian Tyres has developed an online learning system that serves as a new tool in the training and guidance of tyre retailers. Moreover, the company’s technical customer service helps and advises distributors, consumers, professional users and other interest groups in the selection and use of tyres, as well as in any problematic situations.

Building loyalty, increasing product recommendations

For the purpose of quality and product development, it is important that tyre makers and developers hear about actual experiences and get feedback from the products’ end users. Recently, the possibilities of establishing direct consumer contacts have significantly improved, thanks to the expansion of social media. Nokian Tyres has invested in tools that enhance direct dialogue online. As the company’s online services have gained an increasingly community-oriented nature, the number of people committed to brand and recommending our products have significantly increased.