Present in our everyday activities 

The high quality, safety, and eco-friendliness of our products and the responsible development of the company in all of its areas are the keys to all of our activities. Responsibility means manufacturing safe and eco-friendly products, having the most advanced processes in the industry, maintaining the profitable growth of our company, and promoting the well-being and safety of our personnel.

In 2013, we published our first corporate social responsibility report in accordance with the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) guidelines; it provides a more detailed view of the different areas of corporate responsibility than our earlier environmental report. The annual corporate social responsibility reporting further increases the transparency and openness of our activities, and it provides a good way of monitoring our activities and the effects of our work on the world around us.

Profitability and responsibility support each other

Since the beginning, environmental aspects and safety have been key factors in our product development, manufacturing, and marketing. As a company that takes corporate social responsibility seriously, we take care of our personnel, customers, finances, the environment, and the quality and safety of our products. In addition to following all of the laws and regulations, we have always also aimed to exceed the limits set for our operations by doing things better than what is required and, at the same time, setting an example for the other companies in the tyre industry to follow.

We have a genuine desire to be a responsible pioneer in the tyre industry, and we have been able to develop our activities and build our success responsibly even under a general atmosphere of uncertainty and in an internationally challenging market situation. Our activities aim at growth and ensuring a common success and opportunities for further development. Profitable growth brings success and financial gain to our company, which in turn increases the well-being around us – from our investors to our personnel. 

Top quality is the key

The Quality and Process Development unit manages the environmental, health, and safety (EHS) issues as well as the quality and process development matters in our company. In addition to quality issues, its activities are focused on increasing the effectiveness of our key processes and in EHS management, whose goal is to prevent accidents in every area, to achieve uninterrupted production, and to ensure that the company remains a good corporate citizen. 

In 2013, as per our goals, we received the automotive industry’s ISO/TS 16949 approvals for all of our own factories. During the approval process, automatic error prevention functions were added to the production process, for example. Furthermore, the factories in Nokia and Vsevolozhsk, and our Swedish sales company Nokian Däck, are certified in accordance with the international ISO 14001 environmental management system standard and the ISO 9001 quality management system standard.

We continued to focus on achieving better quality for our products as well as our activities: modern production machinery and automatic measurement and confirmation functionalities that are built into our machines guarantee continuous high quality. The competence and quality attitude of our personnel and experts were improved by arranging quality training. We are using several different types of studies to stay current with and predict the needs of our customers: we want every customer to achieve a total, high-quality customer and user experience.

Safer work – healthier environment

We aim to manage the environmental effects of our products throughout their lifecycle, and to maintain a comprehensive and systematic approach to the safety and quality aspects of our activities. We strongly focus on the eco-friendliness of our products and processes. In accordance with the lifecycle approach, we take all of the environmental aspects into account from raw material acquisition to product design and the utilization of decommissioned tyres. 

Several independent comparison tests show that our tyres are among the best in their class in terms of driving safety and environmental effects. We are committed to tackling the challenges of climate change. We will do our best to develop and manufacture products that help reduce the greenhouse effect, while maintaining a high level of safety.

We use risk management, continuous process development, and new investments to promote product and personnel safety. In 2013, we were successful in our efforts to reduce occupational accidents: the frequency of accidents at work was 40% lower than during the two previous years. We are visibly communicating and discussing safety, which has increased the activity of the personnel to report deviations at an even earlier stage than before. The development of safety culture will continue in 2014 across the entire group.

Working for our common well-being

We are interacting with different interest groups in order to develop our activities. We work while adhering to the ethical guidelines of our group; it is important for our company to do the right thing, both ethically and morally, and to take others into consideration. We are working to improve the well-being of our personnel in many different ways, from individual events to larger, long-term projects, such as the Hakkapeliitta Village.

The Hakkapeliitta Village is a social project the likes of which have not often been realized in Russia. In 2013, nearly 200 new apartments were built in the Hakkapeliitta Village that we constructed near our factory in Russia. The four buildings of the first phase were completed in 2009, and all of the apartments are located only 15 minutes away from our factories. The Hakkapeliitta Village has become a close-knit community whose inhabitants are happy with the high standard of living, the opportunities for exercise and daycare for children, and the safe and green environment. 

Our group employs over 4,000 people around the world; together, we are building the unwavering and responsible success of our company.