Opportunities for contribution and personal growth

The internal entrepreneurship, collaborative understanding and activity among our personnel all support competence development, profitable growth and the implementation of the strategy within our group. In our company, everyone has an opportunity for growth and personal development. 

In our group, competence is developed in a strategic and proactive manner that addresses our future needs. As our company develops, and as we modernize our production processes and increase automation, 70% of the competence development takes place through on-the-job learning, 20% through learning from others, and 10% through traditional training. However, individuals always have the primary responsibility for developing their own competence. Personal development is supported by offering tailored internal training, vocational degrees, joint training within company networks, and internal job rotation. We support internal job rotation by arranging internal recruitment before posting open positions outside the company.

One essential tool for developing competence is our global Hakkapeliitta eAcademy online training portal. Its services are accessible by our personnel as well as our retailers and partners. We continually develop the content of Hakkapeliitta eAcademy. Currently, we offer over 40 courses in up to 17 different languages on topics ranging from strategy to product training.

In 2013, we focused on the training of production and maintenance supervisors in Russia and in Nokia, Finland. In Nokia, we also completed our additional two-year training programme for maintenance.

We extensively develop well-being

Well-being and equal treatment of our personnel are cornerstones of our operations, and we have a long history in their development. For decades, we have tracked the well-being at work of our personnel by carrying out an annual survey. In the fall of 2013, we introduced our new “Drive!” personnel research concept, which is a more effective tool for developing our organization as well as identifying the strengths and areas for improvement within the operation of the work community. At the core of the research concept is engagement, which measures our personnel’s positive attitude toward their own work, the organization, and the values it represents, as well as their willingness to go above and beyond their duties in order to achieve organizational goals. The opportunity to use external reference data in the interpretation of the results brings added value to the concept and enables taking into account country-specific cultural factors when comparing different units.  The personnel research is carried out every other year, and it provides more time to effectively implement and track the measures taken at different units.

Overall, we look at the well-being of our personnel broadly with a perspective on the individual, work community, work environment, and competence.  We support physical well-being with sports activities and events as well as diverse club activities.  Through collaboration with occupational health care services, we promote the working ability and health of our personnel and improve our sports and well-being services. Psychological well-being is promoted through the supervision of work for individuals and groups, training sessions, different work schedule arrangements, and personnel events.

Activities that focus on inventiveness support leadership and the work of supervisors, and they enable our personnel to positively affect their work and the work environment. The purpose of such activities is to actively involve the personnel in the operation of our company and the development of their own work and to extensively utilize the idea potential of the personnel. Contribution increases the well-being of the personnel and that leads to good results for individuals as well as our company.